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Why Us?

 That's a valid question, isn't it? Tough economy, high unemployment and it doesn't seem like the dollar buys what it used to. So why in the world do we need another used car lot? It seems like there's almost one on every corner.

The truth is during a down economy, when everyone is watching their money closer than ever, this is the perfect time to launch GT Auto Wholesale.

My name is Tim Grizzell, and I'm the owner. When I decided to open this sales and service facility I took all those aforementioned questions into consideration. It occurred to me that in order to survive, and ultimately be successful, we had to offer something that customers couldn't get anywhere else in the valley.

Bear with me while I provide you with just a little background. I've lived in Madera since 1971. I graduated from Madera High School in 1981. I married my wife Janie (also a MHS graduate) in 1983 and became a mechanic in 1984. We have twin girls that graduated from Madera High in 2006. In other words, we're grounded in the community.

I became a mechanic in 1984 and was working at Herwaldt Olds-GMC when I was handpicked by the owner, Lou Herwaldt, to become the first (and at the time) the only mechanic at Saturn of Fresno. That was in 1991. I worked at Saturn until July of this year when it became apparent that I needed a new challenge.

I learned many things from Mr. Herwaldt as well as the Saturn concept for doing business:

1) Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

2) Under promise and over deliver.

3) Word of mouth advertising is the best advertising there is. If you treat people fairly they will become advocates for you. They will tell friends and family, and eventually create a snowball effect that will attract many.

So with that as a backdrop, that brings us back to the original question, "Why us?"

What we can offer you is something that you can't get anywhere else: The lower price of a used car lot, but a place that will rival new car dealers with excellence in sales and service.

And, the most important thing: we will save you money on purchases as well as service.

Everything we sell will be backed by a 24 month, 24,000 power train warranty.

What will it cost you? Nothing, just your confidence in me. The only thing that I ask is that when you realize the experience was not only good, but something you've never experienced before, that you will tell your family and friends about us.

Thanks for your time. I hope you give us a chance. I know you will be completely satisfied.


Tim Grizzell

GT Auto Wholesale